Snow Down to Slow Down

Today’s Life Lesson #616 is courtesy of our recent epic snowstorm. In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, sometimes something will cause us — in this case, force us, to stop in our tracks. If this something is a natural “disaster” that affects multitudes, a sense of ‘human spirit’ camaraderie takes over.

When I heard about the impending snowstorm, I cringed at what was in store. What I discovered was actually a blessing. With no where to go, my body enjoyed sleeping in. Because I couldn’t go anywhere, I FINALLY cleaned my house — not just tidying up, but “on my hands and knees cleaning baseboards, and scrubbing behind toilets” clean, and FINALLY made my kids their Christmas blankets. The kids and I watched movies and I had fun finally teaching myself hula hoop tricks. Continue reading


Trotting Along to Victory

My latest life’s lesson — life lesson #605 comes courtesy of my little turkey, and her no quit, determined attitude. Ren set a goal for herself, and with her ‘no quit’ attitude, she achieved it.

Ever since her 6th grade year, her goal every November was to be her grade’s 1st place girl finisher in the 1 mile Turkey Trot, and bring home the prize frozen turkey. Continue reading

Life lesson #524 — Yearbook Photo Time

Today’s life lesson, #524 comes courtesy of school picture day, and those independent little ones who alter your plans for that “perfect” school picture. A friend’s FB post this morning reminded me of something I went through with Ren last year, when it came to picture day.

Ever since I went to school, picture day had been that one day, besides the first day of school, when you put on your best threads, and actually made an attempt to have your hair look halfway decent as you went to school. The remainder of the year was spent happy you were able to make it out of bed and get to school dressed — well for me anyways. Picture day however was a different story — especially if dad was shelling out the money for a package of pictures. Continue reading

Life’s Lesson #503: Math Does Solve Real World Problems!

Today’s life lesson, life lesson #503 came courtesy of the new “clubs” program implemented at my kids’ school. The new principal apparently worked with the teachers to offer a variety of new clubs at school this year. During the first week of school, my kids were given a list of clubs from which to choose, and had to select and rank their top 10. The clubs apparently meet for 1 hr each friday, during the school day.

Babu: mom, i went to my club today

Me: oh really? did you get into that fantasy sports club [his #1 choice]?

Babu: no, i got crypto zoology.

me: what is “crypto zoology”??

babu: it’s where we study big foot Continue reading

Life’s Lesson #493 — Let Go of Anger

A friend recently brought up the topic of “holding onto anger,” and it reminded me of a great lesson that resonated with me enough to share whenever people talk of holding onto anger, and one that has become my life lesson #493 — let go of anger.

A teacher gave his student a rock, and asked him to squeeze it tightly enough to turn it to dust. The student squeezed so hard and so long that his knuckles turned white, and his hand ached. The teacher then told the student to release the rock. Immediately the student felt relief. If you do not have the power to change things, then let go of the anger and move forward.

So my life lesson #493 is, you have to let go to grow. You may have been wronged, but no matter how angry you are, your anger cannot erase the past. By releasing your anger, you release the pain onto which you’re holding, and you allow yourself to heal.

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison, and expecting the other to die.” – Buddah

Thank you, that is all. 🙂

Tipping Someone’s Day

Today’s life lesson, #497, comes courtesy of a restaurant visit that Babu and I recently made. It was past 10 pm and Babu and I were grabbing a late bite to eat. The restaurant wasn’t particularly crowded so we were seated quickly and it didn’t take long for us to order our food. (Our server’s name was “Corinne” so Babu and I immediately smiled. It was gonna be a good night.  ) I ordered a burger and confirmed that I wanted all the “fixins” – lettuce; tomato; etc. When my burger came, it was just the meat, cheese, and bun. I didn’t have a chance to ask about the fixins because the staff member practically did a drive by drop off as I was finishing up my tic-tac-toe game with Babu. Continue reading

Life’s Lesson #487 — a Real Mother of a Lesson

This most recent life lesson — life lesson #487 came courtesy of me and my, shall we say, UBER competitive nature. Rob and I were enjoying a fun filled weekend of camping, with a campground that featured a daily schedule of activities. The activity that caught my eye was “family fun, mother’s day themed scavenger hunt.”

The kids were busy playing shuffleboard; rob was chilling in this rocking swing; and i kept looking at my watch, counting down the moments until all the teams had to meet beneath the picnic pavilion to participate in the hunt. Rob was the only one who seemed quasi interested in participating, but that didn’t phase me. Whether we were a team of 5, or I was a team of 1, I was participating in that hunt. Continue reading